Final Video

This is my final edit for my video project. I was unable to make further changes due to issues with my project download and reopening, but feel that this was a very strong submission. I thoroughly enjoyed the video making experience, and I learned very helpful tips for any future projects. John Baker was a natural storyteller and shined throughout this project. I especially enjoyed seeing his passion first hand during the ceramics process.


John Baker Video


The subject for my video was John Baker, ceramic and resident artist at Zenclay in Morgantown, W. Va. He is a WVU alumni and has a sincere passion for the arts- ceramics in particular. His story and experience as a professional provided intriguing audio to match the ceramics video sequence as B-roll. All of the footage was captured at Zenclay during his working hours.

Interview with Kim Walls

I chose to interview Kim Walls. Kim is the recreation coordinator for Stepping Stones- a recreation center for individuals with disabilities. The overarching goal for Stepping Stones is to help these participants gain independence and confidence through their programs and physical activity. Programs offered at the center range from sports teams to life skills courses. During my interview I overcame location and outside noise obstacles. I feel that despite these disturbances and barriers, Kim provided a great story about her experience at the center and her love for working with these individuals.

The Preston County Buckwheat Festival


The Buckwheat Festival celebrated its 75th anniversary this year in Kingwood, W. Va. The festival is a huge celebration featuring concerts, great food and the Buckwheat Princess. I visited Kingwood on Oct. 2, but the festival kicked off on Sept. 27. This is a homecoming festival that all northern West Virginians mark on their calendars each fall.




Portrait and Candid Photography


These photos were taken for an assignment focusing on candid and portrait photos. The top two photos are the posed portraits and the bottom two are random candids. During this process we had to assess the emotion, reaction, interaction and action taking place. These factors are what give photos the ability to tell stories. Natural light and the rule of thirds were important concepts as well. I made sure that my photos were taken on sunny days and that the focus of the photo landed in one of the points of intersection.

Poverty in Texas by County


This map represents the poverty level across the state of Texas, divided by county. The various counties are shaded in green, but scale from dark to light. The darkest green represents the county with the most poverty, while the lightest represents the county with the least amount of poverty. The poverty level ranges from 43.6% in Starr County to 6.7 % in Rockwall County. Click on the image to view the map further and find more information on each county’s percentage.