Communication Plans


During my time as a PR intern for the WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities, Melina gave me the opportunity to reconfigure their communication plans into a more organized, strategic format. I made use of the University Relations templates I gathered at their Key Communicators Retreat on campus for this project. Prior to my work revitalizing these plans, they were in a color coded excel format. It was difficult to read and the small spaces did not leave room for elaboration.


PRSA Pittsburgh Blog Post


This was a blogpost I created for the PRSA Pittsburgh chapter. After attending the PRSA Professional Development day, I provided further tips and notes from the networking portion of the event to share with their readers. PRSA Pittsburgh reached out to the WVU PRSSA chapter regarding this publishing opportunity and I was very excited to assist them. This was my first, blog writing experience as a STCM student and my media writing skills have grown since then.




PRSSA Alumni Invitation Database

event-email-list event-email-list3 event-email-list4

This was a Microsoft Excel database created to organize names and contact information of various PRSSA alumni. As the Chapter Analyst of my PRSSA chapter, connecting with alumni is one of my major duties. I accessed these people through our PRSSA Alumni Database, and I researched and updated their information through LinkedIn. This database included the location, job title, graduation year and email address of each individual. All of the information will be used to send various emails regarding alumni involvement, sponsorship, mentoring and attendance to the Reed College of Media alumni event this weekend.

CED Press Release


This was a press release I wrote to promote the grand opening of our Early Childhood Resource Lending Library in Charleston, W. Va. I sent the release to my boss, Melina Danko to distribute to the local Charleston newspapers and radio stations. Prior to this news release I researched various individuals in surrounding counties to invite to this event. I created an excel document to organize the information. The ECRLL has not announced a date for this event, which is why I used TBD.

Strategic Message Planner

strategic-message-planner strategic-message-planner2 strategic-message-planner3

This was a strategic message planner I created for my Advertising and Public Relations Writing course. This class is a bit unique because we have a service learning client. All of our writing projects benefit these individuals in the development of their product. My teams’ client is Create Your Adventure Club in Grafton, W. Va. This strategic message planner set our goal, objectives, product information and promise in place for our client. We will be meeting with the Create Your Adventure Club leaders to discuss our strategic plan next week.