Individual Client SMP

The first 7 posts are Adventure Club related assignments made throughout the semester. Each of these documents and projects were made to assist the client’s branding and growth. The sequence begins with very specific, foundational items and transpires to “outdoor related”pieces to promote the club and target our main audience. I finished with a final press release for the client media kit and the presentation that the team and I created to showcase our recommendations and materials.

This was an individual strategic message planner that I made at the beginning of the semester for our client- The Adventure Club. My document was not used as a foundational item for the client. After I created this on my own, my account team and I created a group SMP that was used to provided the foundational information to begin the branding process.


Account Team GOSTs and SMP

Both of these documents were group efforts by my account team and I. The goals, objectives, strategies and tactics document serves as a broad outline for our steps to success. The SMP breaks things down a bit further. This strategic message planner is a bit different from my original version due to collaborative ideas and discussion. We found that these documents were a better starting place for the client, rather than our individual creations. Throughout the course of the semester, our account strived to provide the client with the tools to reach to achieve brand success and reach this overarching goal.

Account Team News Release

This was a press release created by the Adventure Club account team and I. I played various roles in the creation of this document including cowriter and editor. This assignment focused on the concept of service learning and our take on the topic- as Adventure Club was a service learning client for our class. This highlighted the work we have put forth for the creation of this organization and what was yet to come.

Account Team Pitch Letter


This document was a group creation made after our account team news release. The pitch letter was an assignment that allowed us to foster a relationship with our media audience with an emotional feature story from our account executive- Sara Yeager. This was another take on using copy writing and appealing to a news media source and target audience.

Storify Client Narrative Feature

This assignment marked the beginning of our creative, outdoor-related projects. This Storify piece highlighted the health benefits of getting outdoors and the huge need for the West Virginians to do so. I provided relevant evidence to back up my claims, and I pushed for a call to action. The #CreateYourAdventure was used throughout to push for this motivation and involvement .

Client Infographic


This infographic furthered the push for a West Virginia outdoor lifestyle, but in a condensed way. I concentrated on the mental and physical health benefits side of outdoor activity and shortened the information and persuasion to 2 sentences each. This infographic is a quick, printable item for the client to use as a resource for the growth of their organization and appeal from the community.



Client Blog Post

This was my final continuation of the outdoor benefits topic mixed with an appeal to family bonding. This was a list version blog post featuring reasons the West Virginia outdoors would be perfect for any family. In prior account team meetings, the group and I found that family bonding was the best benefit to highlight for promotion reasons and appeal. This mix of benefits and family opportunities was the focal point for my media kit news release contribution.